How to Get the Database

BioSecure Association started the distribution of the database at the end of october 2009. An autorisation to continue the distribution of the BioSecure Databases was issued by the French Data Protection Authority - CNIL - in september 2016, for 5 more years. 
More precisely, the entire  dataset  is comprised of:

  • Hand
  • Fingerprint
  • Iris
  • Signature
  • Audio Video and still Face

The data can be aquired in one of the following packages:

  • Audi Video and still Face only
  • Signature only
  • Entire dataset

In order to get the database, please fill the form below.

Upon submission of this form, you will receive by email instructions and documents to fill and to make signed by AN AUTHORISED person of your institution.

Indeed, the distribution of BioSecure databases is subject to certain formalities and procedures.

More precisely, a license and data protection agreement have to be signed by an authorized person of your institution

Upon receipt of these documents, (for non EU institutions), the association will submit a file to the French data protection authority to get their formal authorization . This step is not necessary for EU institutions.

You have to note that we are strictly forbidden to transfer personal biometric data before their acceptance.

When everything is cleared, you will be asked to provide an order, and we will issue an invoice.
 You will then receive further instructions to proceed with the payment.
Finally, you will receive instructions how to get the database.