Reference Systems


When comparing the results of different algorithms (for biometric applications and other pattern recognition experiments) a common evaluation framework is needed. 

The BioSecure Network of Excellence has taken in charge the development  of open-source identity verification systems (denoted as Reference Systems) for the most widely used biometric modalities (2D and 3D face, speech, signature, fingerprint, hand shape, iris and talking face). These systems accompanied with benchmarking (calibration) publicly available databases and benchmarking (calibration) assessment protocols define the building blocks of the BioSecure Evaluation Framework

With such Evaluation Framework, an absolute reproducibility of the benchmarking results is assured.

Indeed, for each modality,  the documentation (HowTo) explains how to install and use the reference system. The documentation describes also a publicly available database and an associated evaluation protocol. Finally, the documentation provides the results obtained on the reference database according to the reference protocol. In such a way, this documentation should allow full reproducibility of the benchmarking framework results.


The BioSecure Reference and Evaluation Framework is currently available at the following address:

More information about the BioSecure Reference and Evaluation Framework can be found in the BioSecure public deliverable entitled “Description and documentation of the BioSecure software library”.

The BioSecure evaluation methodology is also fully described in  :

Guide to Biometric Reference Systems and Performance Evaluation; D. Petrovska-Delacrétaz, G. Chollet and B. Dorizzi; Publisher Springer-Verlag, London, p. 1-394, 2009.