According to the terms of a joint ownership and licence agreement signed between the acquisition centers and the BioSecure Association, this Association has the right to handle on an exclusive basis the distribution of the data collected during the BioSecure project. Such an arrangement allow an easy access to authenticated BioSecure material.

Material to be distributed :


Please find in the following link the databases distribution shipment and payment rules.

Moreover, some restrictions occur:

The database can be acquired by any institution but only for research purpose

Two types of documents must be signed by authorized persons of the institution before delivery of the database:

  • A license agreement between the institution and the BioSecure Association
  • A transfer description form granting the data protection issues (storage, …)

Note that special procedures apply for non European organisations.

According to the EU legislation regarding personal data privacy, usage of the data is currently granted until 2021 (additional extension to be considered).