Biosecure Association

The structure of the Association comprises a General Assembly, a Board of Governors, an Executive Committee and a Secretariat.

The General Assembly is the highest authority of the Association. It is constituted by all of its members. Founding members and active members have the right to vote, in conformance with the Rules of Procedure of the Association. Resolutions taken by the General Assembly are binding for all members. Ordinary General Assembly meetings are held once a year. The Board shall give an account of the management and finances of the Association and shall annually present the accounts and budget for the approval of the General Assembly. Extraordinary General Assembly meetings can be convened as stipulated in the Rules for Procedures.

The Board is a body that acts on behalf of the General Assembly between General Assembly meetings by exercising those powers and functions that are delegated to it by the General Assembly. The Board consists of at least three persons (at the most 20) and is appointed by the General Assembly for a term of three years. Rules of operation, including voting procedure and required quorum are stipulated in the Rules for Procedures.

The Board chooses a President, a Vice-President, a Secretary and a Treasurer from among its own ranks. They form the Executive Committee. The posts of Secretary and Treasurer may be held by same person.



Signing of the Association's statutes by J-P. Lefèvre (treasurer and secretary), B. Dorizzi (president) and F. Deravi (vice-president)

The Board meets as often as necessary. It is convened by its President or at the request of at least half of its members. Meetings can also be held by teleconference or other telecommunication means. 

The expenditures are regulated by the President. The Association is represented in courts of law and in all legal domains by the President or his designated representative. The Board is responsible for regular accounting of the budget of the Association.

Should this be needed, the Board can appoint a Director to manage and administer the affairs of the Association regarding specific technical matters. The secretariat provides logistical support to, and assists the operation of, the Association.

See the association’s statutes (original in French, translation in English)